January 13, 2011

Dominoe's Giveaway $20 Gift Card

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Domino's has came up with another creative campaign for 2011 called Behind The Pizza! Have you seen the commercial with the Focus Groups being taken to the middle of the farms without them knowing it...then all of the sudden the walls lift up and, boom, there they are right in the middle of a field of tomatoes. I love to know where my food comes from. Have you ever asked yourself what is Behind The Pizza? Head over to Domino's and EXPLORE the ingredients, COLLECT points as you play and EARN Domino's rewards. I love Domino's Pizza so his is a super fun and a great activity to do with older kids on the computer!

Here is an example:

-I chose to explore Tomatoes
-Then I went through the steps and learned about different topics
-You then will have a chance to log in and earn rewards or play without rewards
-As you visit each tab and earn points you'll receive coupons and freebies with your online purchase!

It's that simple! Who doesn't want to earn coupons and freebies for food?

To entice you to try this out Domino's is offering one reader a $20 Gift Card to Domino's!

Just head over to the site play a game come back here to Memphis Mommy and leave a comment about what coupons & goodies you received and your on your way to possible winning a Gift Card! You must enter the form HERE so I have all your contact info.

Comment on the game, you must come to the Memphis Mommy site to make the comment and leave your first initial and last name.

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Anonymous said...

I chose pepperoni and received a coupon for cinnasticks!
b. faulkner

Katrina said...

The game looks like Farmville. LOL. Free Cinistix to anyone that logs in and selects 1 location!!!

JC said...

It took me a while to play, first time got a $5 gift card.
Jessie C. tcarolinep at gmail dot com

M Cheng said...

We played the onion game and got to peel the onions. Kids loved it!

Jennifer said...

I thought this was a very fun way to learn about pizza!

I played the milk the cow and the peel the onion games, and I won a free cinn-a-stix coupon!

J Johnson

Unknown said...

I played the milk the cow game.

B Johnson

Heather King said...

I also played and got free cinnastix. Fun, fun, fun!
H. King

Paula Gillespie said...

I played too and qualified for a free order of CinnaStix. But I am going to continue to play and earn more points for up to 50 to get a pizza coupon. :)

Mari said...

I received a coupon for cinnastix.

Mari M.

Martha said...

I played and got free Cinnastix! :)

Nothing beats free...

Mandy said...

i got free cinnastix!

Mandy said...

i follow on twitter

Kami said...

I went through the whole thing and got a buy one pizza get one free which was good since I didn't know what to cook for dinner :)


joeysmama at gmail dot com

Tina said...

got free cinnastix

Sarah G said...

I love this game - I was able to get a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon. :)
-Sarah G

Sarah G said...

I'm following you on Facebook. (Sarah G)


Sarah G said...

I'm following you on Twitter. (@capitallyfrugal)


Sarah S. said...

I played through the game and got a BOGO pizza code, which I will be using for dinner tonight!
Sarah S.

Baby Mama said...

I got a coupon for breadsticks

Worn out mommy said...

Got free cina stix. seems i'm not so good at milking a cow :(

Anonymous said...

Interesting way to learn about where the raw ingredients come from. Earned a free cinnisticks.

Shawn said...

I played through it all and got the pizza coupon.

S Andree

Anonymous said...

Played the game. How do I get the gift card?

LaTia said...

I played the game and first earned a cinnastix coupon, then I continued to play until a earned a lava crunch cake to share and a buy one, gift one free pizza coupon. Very cool game!

L. Watson

Deborah Williams Elam said...

I chose the tomatoes and learned that I am a lousy tomato picker! LOL! I may be lame but it was fun and I will go back to play and learn some more. It was interesting. And besides, I got me some cinnastix for playing! =)

Deborah Williams Elam said...

I chose the tomatoes and learned that I am a lousy tomato picker! LOL! I may be lame but it was fun and I will go back to play and learn some more. It was interesting. And besides, I got me some cinnastix for playing! =)


annemarie562000 said...

I chose dough and got a coupon for free Cinna Stix!


Lesli said...

I got Cinna Stix

littleumbrella (at) att (dot) net

Unknown said...

I got cinnastix. Fun game!

Kristin said...

I played the game and got a free order of cinna-stix

kayshem said...

I got free cinnastix.

K Crider

Unknown said...

That was fun! I won some cinnamon stix. WhooHoo!


reducefootprints at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

i got cinnastix -- yum!

Anonymous said...

i did all of them and got a buy one get one free code
Debra svarnas

From Cristin to Mommy said...

i played and was able to get a free cinnastix coupon but im going to keep playing to earn something else!
cristin b.

Regina D said...

I explored feta I couldn't sign in so I didn't get any coupons hopefully i can get it to work b encases the rewards look g reat!

Alison said...

I picked the tomotoes (terrible at it!) and got free Cinna Stix.

kerismommy said...

I played and got free cinna stix!

Texas Type A Mom said...

I won Cinnastix!
Kelly T.

Texas Type A Mom said...

I put on my entry that I shared this with 5 friends - I actually shared it with all of my blog followers instead!

I blogged about this!
texastypeamom (at) gmail (dot) com

Mandy said...

i got free cinnastix

Jessica King said...

Played the Tomato game and won free cinnastix :)
Sweet20j at Yahoo dot Com


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