June 01, 2011

Like Melissa and Doug Toys On Facebook

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I love Melissa and Doug Toys! I despise all the loud, plastic toys that are out there so we have a HUGE assortment of the wonderful wooden and cloth toys that Melissa and Doug offer! Go here and like them on facebook as they are trying hard to increase their fans! For every 1,000 fans they do a drawing for a giveaway item! You must fill out the form! You can find the form here! I hope a Memphis Mommy fan wins!!! And if you want, write on their wall that Memphis Mommy sent you!

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Sam's Club Summer Membership $10 for 10 Weeks AND GIVEAWAY

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Whether you are planning a backyard barbecue, a picnic at the park or trip to the zoo, Botanical garden or Mud Island, Sam’s Club can simplify meal planning by providing easy recipes, great outdoor items and a ten week trial membership for just $10. To enroll for this special 10 weeks for $10 you must go IN PERSON to your local Sam's club by June 5th! 

Sam’s Club makes it easy to find all key entertaining essentials to spice up any outing without breaking the bank.

This includes:
·         Heinz® Picnic Pack ($7.98)
·         K.C. Masterpiece® Barbecue Sauce ($5.87)
·         Ball Park® Hotdogs ($6.78)
·         Member’s Mark ® Mozzarella Garlic Chicken Sausage ($12.48)
·         Stonemill® Kitchens Country Red Potato Salad ($5.18)
·         Simply Lemonade® with Raspberry ($4.48)

Lifestyle expert Colleen Mullaney has incorporated these items and more into four picnic baskets for each summer celebration: Pool Parties, Beach Outings, Backyard Barbecues & Parade Picnics. As part of the Memorial Day celebration, Sam's club is offering a giveaway for one lucky Memphis Mommy reader for one of these Sam’s Club picnic baskets (note that they do not come filled) and a signed copy of Colleen Mullaney’s The Stylish Girl’s Guide to Fabulous Cocktails.  



MAKE A COMMENT TO THIS POST ON MY WEB-SITE NOT ON MY FACEBOOK. Tell me either where you think you would take your picnic basket or what Sam's food items you would fill your basket with. PLEASE NOTE THE BASKET DOES NOT COME WITH ANY ITEMS IN IT!

Please leave your first initial and last name with your comment and YOU MUST FILL OUT THE ENTRY FORM SO THAT I KNOW HOW TO CONTACT YOU IF YOU WIN!


Thanks to Sam's Club for providing me with the same items I am giving away, though they provided the samples and giveaway items to me I am providing my opinion which is 100% mine!

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Follow My Husband: Becoming an Extreme Couponer: Kroger

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Written by Mark-"extreme couponer in training" ;0) Wife's remarks written in pink ;0)

The first day as most of you read did not go especially well.  However my dear wife promised me going to her favorite store, Kroger, would be much easier.  First, I despise carrying "the coupon bag" that she has put together since it is big and bulky.    Since Shana considers coupons to be another form of currency, losing this would be the equivalent of losing our bank card to her.  (Ironically, Shana loses our credit card quite frequently).  She is almost as protective of the bag as she is of our labradoodle, Truffles so I get nervous taking her "coupon bag" for good reason.

Anyway, she sent me off to "her Kroger" hunting for a variety of everyday items with an emphasis on frozen foods to leverage their "Mega sale" on frozen foods. She told me it was the last day of the sale, last opportunity to get these items at this price with those coupons, so a little pressure.

Shana provided me with an organized list that laid out the items we needed, noted which items had paper coupons which were separated into a separate envelope.  We organize files differently, so it is always  mystery to me when I have to search through her bag.  Having the coupons separated saved me from having to hunt endlessly in the recesses of her bag.  Have you ever noticed that the coupon you need hides from you when you are in the check out line?

The LIST is important
Shana also listed out items to price check and several items to purchase with a coupon if it was at or below a certain price.  I did not know that the prices at the grocery store cycle throughout the month and something that is $3 today may be below $2 later in the month before rising back to $3.   So it is worthwhile to wait on certain items (like snacks) for a lower price that you can buy down with a coupon and stock up.

Visit the Manager's Special
Upon entering the store, Shana had me first go to the "Manager's special" aisle.   I spent my first 10 minutes wandering the store for this aisle.  I finally found it but it was labeled "Clearance Aisle."  It is just the special price stickers that say "Manager's Special."  Depending on what you like, this could be a treasure trove or a waste of time.   I was tempted by several random kitchen implements, which we did not really need.  I did find several tubes of cake decorating gel on clearance for $.25 which will be helpful in the cake I'm making for our daughter's 6th birthday.  (Yes, ladies, he bakes too). oh goodness you are cracking me up ;0)

Shop on the transition day between sales
When I shop, I start in produce and work my way to frozen.  Shana sent me to Kroger on Tuesday, since our Kroger starts its new sales on Wednesday.  What I did not know is that you can often get BOTH sale prices (the current week and next weeks) on the transition day.  So, although the strawberries were marked at $1.98, at checkout they rang up at the new sale price of $1.88. 

"Ten for Ten" does not require you to buy ten
 One of the items on the list was more pasta since our favorite Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta was on sale as ten for $10.  What I discovered is that you don't need to buy 10 to get the price,  the item is really on sale for a dollar.  But, if you advertise it as 10 for $10, you can convince people to buy more at that price.  Since we had coupons for $1 off the pasta, we were able to get it for free.

Mega Event sale
Unlike the Ten for Ten sale, with the "Mega Event," you have to buy the required number of items.  In this case, if you bought 10 select frozen food items, you received an additional $5 off.    This is a great opportunity to stock up on items that you use frequently.   In our case, we stocked up on frozen quick breakfast foods (waffles & pancakes) as well as bread sticks (if you have as much pasta as we do, you need something to go with it). 

There is a strategy for checking out, I've learned.  My wife has "secretly" been putting ecoupons on our
Kroger  card to ensure that I always save at least something when I go to the store.  BUT Kroger has a policy that if you use an e-coupon, you can't use a paper coupon.  In addition, the ecoupons do not double.  So what I did, is that I told the cashier that I was going to hold off on using the Kroger plus card until the end of the transaction.  The cashier said that it would not work and I would not get discounts and I responded by politely but firmly telling her I would risk it because I wanted to use the paper coupons first.    So, after scanning all of our goods and coupons, I presented my Kroger plus card.  To the cashier's surprise (and my delight), the register began ringing up a long series of deals as it price adjusted for in-store specials, doubled coupons and redeemed e-coupons.
  Once all was said and done, I saved a total of 52% which was amazing for me. AMAZING JOB HONEY! I think everybody's aim should be to save 50% on all their grocery and household shopping and allow yourself to get into that cycle of savings in about 3 months.

A final thought:  Without the diligent work of my wife, I would have just gone ahead and paid the full price if left to my own devices.  I'm learning that it is easy to save a little and with a bit more effort, one can save a lot.  Don't get drawn into the illusion that you need to save 90% or more in order to succeed at couponing, spend hours preparing or have immense stockpiles of mustard.  With only a little extra effort, advance planning, and practice, you can make a big difference in your family's weekly food bill.  I do not want to build my life around couponing and deal hunting, but want to continue to learn how to leverage coupons to support our family.

And yes, I'm still not thrilled about having my picture taken before going shopping. Not sure where she is sending me today so stay tuned! I appreciate your feedback and challenge other husbands and newbies to give this a try. E-mail or leave comments, questions for my wife she is MORE THAN HAPPY to guide you along your way!

 VERY TRUE! I am very happy to help out! I don't always see the comments on the chat wall I know it appears that I am on the internet all the time but really I am not so your best bet is to leave a comment here or on facebook fan page. I have some readers e-mail me their shopping plan especially when they are about to go a pharmacy and ask me if "their plan" will work, I am SUPER HAPPY to look over your list etc! mymemphismommy@gmail.com

Click here to see the Match-ups for this week's Kroger ad.

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Sugar Free Pops Giveaway Winner

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Congratulations Darlene Hicks you have won the Sugar Free Ring Pops! Please e-mail me in the next 48 hours to claim your prize.

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Kroger Weekly Match-Up 6/1-6/7

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If you are new to couponing you may want to read Couponing 101. If you are new to Kroger you can view Kroger Coupon Policy here. Kroger in Memphis and surrounding areas doubles 7 days a week up to $.60!

Make sure to download all the eCoupons to your Kroger card. It's easy and can save you lots of money. Just visit Cellfire, Shortcuts, SoftCoin & Upromise.

Ecoupon Up-DATE:
Kroger does not allow the stacking of ecoupon and paper coupons. If you do not want to use the ecoupon (because you have a higher value paper coupon) I suggest taking off the ecoupon on your card (which is not possible with cellfire coupons) or giving your Kroger card last. If you give your Kroger card last then your paper coupons will come off and not your e-coupons. Remember e-coupons do not double!

Why do you list more than 1 coupon on a product, I can only use one Man. coupon per item right?
Yes only 1 Man. coupon per item, however I want you to know of all the coupons out there so you could get more than one item using different coupons.

Be sure and use the coupon database to look up other products you need but don't see in the sale ad and see if there is a coupon for it.
Please e-mail me, mymemphismommy@gmail.com or make a comment on facebook or to this post if you see other deals!!

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Strawberries $1.88
Final Price, $1.00

Good Prices But No Coupons
  I think these are GREAT prices for produce especially many of the items are locally grown! 

Mississippi Grown Blueberries 2/ $5
Vidalia Sweet Onions 5 lb bag $2.49
Tennessee Grown Red Slicer Tomatoes $1.99
Mississippi Grown Cabbage $.39 a lb.
Raspberries 2/$5
Blackberries 2/$5
Broccoli Bunch $1.99

Match Up:

Butterfinger Snackerz (found at the check out aisle)$1.00/2AWESOME DEAL
Final Price, FREE

Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta 10 for $10 AWESOME DEAL
Facebook coupon (need to vote for a recipe) Save, $1.00/1
Final Price, FREE
Tropicana Trop 50 $2.99
Final Price, $2.49 each wyb 2

Ragu Sauce- 3/$5
(RP 5/22) Save,$1.25/3
Final Price: 3 for $3.75

Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips - $2.00 AWESOME DEAL
(5/1 SS) Save, $1/1 Regional coupon
Final Price: $1

Kashi Heart to Heart or GoLean Cereal - $3.50
printable coupon Save, $1/1
Final Price: $2.50

(RP 5/22) Save, $0.75/1 Met-RX Bar
 (RP 6/5) B1G1 Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars
Final Price: As low as $.46 ea/ wyb 2 & use both B1G1 + $.75 coupons

International Delight Coffee Creamer - $1.50 AWESOME DEAL
(SS 4/10) Save, $0.55/1 International Delight
Final Price: $.40

Land O'Lakes Half & Half , $1.50 AWESOME DEAL
Printable coupon Save, $0.75/1
Final Price: $.75

Ball Park Franks, 2/$4.00
(RP 5/1) Save, $.75/1
(RP 5/1) Save, $1/2
Final Price: As low as $1.25

Oscar Mayer Lunchables 2/$4.00AWESOME DEAL
(5/15 SS) Save, $1/1 Lunchables Combinations with Fruit
Final Price: $1
Kashi Heart to Heart or GoLean Cereal, Select Varieties, 12.4 to 15 oz, or Kashi TLC Bars, Select Varieties, 6.6 to 8.4 oz, $2.99
Final Price, $1.99 

Vlasic Relish 10 for $10 AWESOME DEAL
Printable coupon, Save, $.55
Final Price, FREE

Heinz Ketchup 40 oz $1.99 AWESOME DEAL
Facebook coupon (no longer available Save, $2.00/1
Final Price, FREE

Emeralds Breakfast on the Go $2.49 (I love this product, especially the S'mores kind)
printable coupon, Save, $1.00/1
(RP 5/1)Save, $1.00/1
Kroger ecoupon Save, $1.00
Final Price, $1.49


Suave Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash or Deodorant - $1.67 AWESOME DEAL
(RP 5/22)Save, $0.50/2
( RP 5/22) Save,$0.50/1 Suave Body Wash
(RP 5/15) Save,B1G1 Suave Body Wash or Lotion
(RP 5/22) Save, $0.50/1
Final Price: Body Wash as low as $.34 ea/ wyb 2 & use both B1G1 + $.50 coupons

Clorox Bleach $1.89
Final Price, $1.39

All Laundry Detergent - $2.99 AWESOME DEAL
Printable Coupon$1/1
(RP 6/5) Save, $1/1
Final Price: $1.99

Snuggle Fabric Softner - $2.99
(SS 6/25) Save,$0.75/1
Final Price: As low as $1.99

Pantene Pro-V or TRESemme Hair Products, 1.9 to 32 oz, $3.33
(P&G 5/1) Save, $3/2
Final Price, $2.33 each wyb 2

Colgate Toothpaste or Toothbrush - $0.88 AWESOME DEAL
(SS 5/1) Save, $0.75/1 Colgate Adult or Children's Toothbrush 
Final Price: As low as FREE

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