February 17, 2010

Changes on Memphis Mommy

Sorry for the lack of post this morning, I've been working since 7:00a on the layout of the page, discovering new ideas and exploring and learning!

What is new??
  • I have added three text tabs on the left hand side for Paying It Forward Post, Restaurant Deals, & Facebook Postings.
  • Included a Calendar at the very bottom of page (I post things in advance and then forget to do a reminder before the day. Hopefully now we can look down on the calendar and see what is to come. If you have anything to add, let me know. Oh and I also incorporated the forecast (it's little).
  • Olympic Stats on the right hand side-love knowing where the USA fall on metals.
  • Google Search at the top. Honestly, I have never used this until about 2 weeks ago. LOVE IT. Anytime I'm looking for something that I know I posted once upon a time, I just plug it in and it appears.
  • I've added more links around the side bars for special shopping deals.
*trying to put grocery coupons under coupons on the top tab and any coupons associated with shoes or clothing etc is under retail deals on the left hand side.

What else are we working on?
  • Donation Tab: places to take items to donate
  • More Giveaways: keep spreading the word, more clicks to the site more potential in bigger giveaways!
  • More Local Advertisers & Deals
If you would like to see something else, please let me know.


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