November 27, 2009

Target: Del Monte Vegetable Deal

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This week Target has Del Monte select canned vegetables for $0.45 each. Here's how to get them for $0.12 each.

Buy (6) Del Monte vegetables @$0.45 each = $2.70
Use this printable Target Coupon to save $1.00/6
Stack with this printable MFC to save $1.00/4
Pay $0.70 total! ($0.12 each)

Now here's how to get Del Monte canned pineapple for $0.45 each:

Buy (4) Del Monte canned pineapples @$0.95 each = $3.80
Use this printable Target coupon to save $1.00/4
Stack with this printable MFC to save $1.00/4
Pay $1.80 total ($0.45 each)

Since this is an unadvertised deal keep in mind that prices may vary by store.

Thanks Maggie!

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Nestle Coupons

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WOW! Very Best Baking has added new Nestle Coupons. Print Here!

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New Target Coupons

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If you haven't headed out the door yet today, you may want to print these new coupons added on to take along and save even more money!

*10% off an Ipod
*$5 off Kodak Camera or Digital photo frame
*$10 off Olympus FE4000 camera
*$10 off VTech Kidizoom camera Model# 80-106900
*FREE PS3 Blu-ray remote with purchase of PS3 hardware
*$50 off 46 inch or larger TV purchase
*FREE Sony HDMI cable with purchase of Sony Blu-ray player
*10% off TomTom GPS system
*10% off Sony Bravia home theater system
*$25 Sony e-Book prepaid card with purchase of Sony PRS300SC Pocket
*Reader or Sony PRS600BC Touch Reader
*FREE Xbox 360 1600 points card with purchase of Xbox hardware
$5 off Blu-ray disc purchase of $5 or more (Transformers was pictured)
*15% off Microsoft computer accessory Excludes video games
*FREE Nintendo Wii Nunchuk controller with purchase of Wii game system

Here are few prices that I am aware of:

TomTom GPS is on sale for $97- save $9.70 with the coupon. (Black Friday only)

Ipod Nano is $145- save $14.50 with coupon

Ipod Touch 32GB is $295-save $29.50 with coupon

Kodak camera on sale $129 - save $5.00 with coupon = $124 (Black Friday Only)

Blu-ray disks start at 8.99 - save $5.00 with coupon = $3.99 (Black Friday Only)

VTech Kidizoom camera Model# 80-106900 $39 - save $10.00 with coupon = $29.99

Olympus FE4000 camera $99 - save $10.00 with coupon = $89

Sony Home Theater System - Silver/ Black (DAVHDZ273) $249.99 - pay $225 after coupon

Thanks Maggie Baton Rouge for always being on top of Target~!

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Several Giveaway Items!

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Vita Clay Chef, Mouthwatchers Nano Toothbrush, Auto AirTamer, Allergy Free Passport, ThermaCELL Patio Lantern, & Aquajogger! View information on each product here!

Here is how you could win (1-entry per task): PLEASE INCLUDE PRODUCT YOU WANT TO WIN!

I will tally up how many entries you'll receive and pick from random generator.

1) Subscribe to my site, email me and let me know include your email address

2) Follow me on Facebook (please put in subject line name of product) otherwise I will not know it's for the giveaway

3) Follow me on Twitter (please put in subject line name of product) otherwise I will not know it's for the giveaway

4) Have a friend visit my site and send me an email with your name as a referral (you will both be entered)

5) Post a comment about your favorite thing on the site or what you would like to see. (leave your name, city, & email. (I can't track anonymous)

6) Put my button or link to My Memphis Mommy on your blog/website.

If you have already done this for other giveaways, just send me an email and tell me what all you've added previously or leave a comment.

Expires December 15th

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Products Seen on WMC-TV

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Follow me Saturday Morning on WMC-TV (Memphis NBC) at 8:00 a.m to learn about these great products.

Featured Products

Mouthwatchers Nano-Silver Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush (healthier toothbrush) -
Over 100 million microorganisms exist on a single toothbrush head, helping
contribute to general illnesses and gum and tooth disease. Unlike the
germ-laden bristles of a standard toothbrush, each bristle of the
Mouthwatchers brush is both immune to becoming a home to microorganisms but
is also an anti-bacterial tooth and gum cleaning apparatus that enhances and
complements the benefits of toothpaste. Each Mouthwatchers brush has more
than 2000 individual bristles composed partly of nano-sized colloidal silver compound particles $4.99,
A400 - Auto Ionic Air Purifier

Auto AirTamer (healthier in-car air freshener) - The Auto AirTamer lets
drivers breathe cleaner, healthier air while they drive. Plugging into any
12 volt power socket in your vehicle, the AirTamer uses advanced
electrostatic purification technology to create cleaner air by producing
healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants away from your
breathing space. The AirTamer cleans air in total silence, without filters.
Also comes with attachment for a vehicle's air vent, allowing harnessing of
the fan's power and increasing ion dispersion and cleaning performance.
Retails for $49.99 and can be purchased online at

VitaClay Multicooker (healthier slowcooker) - most standard slow cookers
contain either lead or deteriorating liners and coatings. Unlike non-stick
aluminum or ceramic cookware, the clay liner is pure and free of metals and
chemicals like lead or Teflon. The VitaClay utilizes a mineral-rich liner
made from all-natural, hand-selected Zisha clay that retains and enhances
the fresh, natural flavor of food and preserves its natural juices and
nutrients. The VitaClay Multicooker is a fusion of the time-honored clay pot
method of cooking and a modern electronic dual slow cooker and rice cooker,
offering a new and better way to accomplish both tasks. $129.99,

Let's Eat Out!
Allergy Free Passport (healthier restaurant dining) - 1 in 3 people suffer
from at least one food sensitivity or allergy. Allergy Free Passport is a
how-to guide that instructs people with food sensitivities or allergies how
to eat what they want, where they want and when they want, whether in their
own localities or traveling abroad. It is a visa to the world of eating out
for people who normally have to worry constantly about having a bad reaction
to a meal, giving them a full range of info about cuisines, ingredients,
preparations, what questions to ask and how to ask and helping them
communicate their food requirements, order allergy-free menu items and enjoy
allergy-free meals anywhere in the world. $24.95,

ThermaCELL Patio Lantern (healthier insect repellant) - most effective
insect repellent devices contain DEET, a toxic chemical. The Thermacell is
non-toxic and DEET-free, and provides the highest effectiveness in the
industry at 98% while also being the safest and healthiest for nearby babies
and everyone else. Thermacell is the best option for keeping mosquitoes and
other insects away. It is a outdoor patio lantern and mosquito repellent
device in one. $29.99,

For Professionals

Aquajogger (healthier exercise) - most forms of aerobic exercise put undue
stress on the joints. The AquaJogger is a fantastic in-water exercise
system that allows people to jog and do other aerobic in-water, without any
of the adverse effects caused by doing them on land. The Aquajogger
comfortably suspends users at shoulder level in deep water allowing them to
breathe normally and move freely while performing a wide variety of water
exercise. $44.95 - $99.95,

Disclosure: I was not paid to appear on TV or review these products. I did receive free products so I could show them on the program. I was given the option to keep all of the products, however, I decided to share them with you and give most of them away to the readers. Also, these are a complete win, I will pay the shipping charges.


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